02 September 2012

Around (09.01.12)


Who's the sinner
What's the crime
Thought you had me
I didn't mind

Where's the shimmer
Where's the shine
You shook me out of boredom
And left me in time

The end of everything was sooner than I knew
Couldn't keep up with the better part of you
Look into my mirror, you're already gone
Sun is sinking down, someone else won

Words of wisdom
Pearls for swine
There's no answer
No-one's tried

Take the moment
Keep it in mind
Find another lover
Leave the last one behind

Miss the way you used to talk me through the night
How you woke me up from the ordinary life
Looking at the phone, try to make it ring
Moon is rising up, darkness that it brings

… Leave a little light on
… Help me find a way
In case this song should find you
Just in case you ever want me to

I called you Amazing
You said I was kind
You never asked the question
We ran out of time

D-E-D a, D-E-D G, C, b, a, G… a, D, G… F, G, b, D

Get Over You

Get Over You

I tumble down into your darkness
Nothing left to keep my balance  
The oceans divide what we pull away
Like the final moments of a dimming day
I think I can get over you  
If I can just get over of you

Couldn't hurt if I turn aside  
Truth is loneliest by my side
Never said love and I never lied  
The silence is deep and the distance wide

Spare a thought but don't make the call
You're better off with him, after all
I think I might get over you
If I can just get over of you

X02100, X02200, C+D, G
G, f#, E

b, A, E, Esus4, E
E, F#, G#, B, C#, X02100

D, C, F, G
D, C, F, G, f#, E