The Best

The Best (07.25.11)

The Best

Driving down the mountain a7
Hoping to forget it e7 020010
Hoping to forget you Fmaj9 133010

Mind wanders back
Opening things
I never wanted to

Never would've asked for it
Never would've taken
But it ended in my hand

Hoping you would wake up
Hoping you would stay down
Hoping I would be that man

It's just the best C, F#
I can do G, a7

Hadn't thought it through
Hadn't thought at all
But I had a thought of you

Taking me down
Taking me serious
Taking the direct route

Sometimes too much
Nothing's ever enough
For people like you and me

But we live our days
In shadows of back then
We won't ever be free

It's just the best
We can do

It's just the best
We can do