Honeysuckle Girl

Honeysuckle Girl (03.16.13)

Honeysuckle Girl (03.16.13)

Knew it was gonna happen  D trail,  A  E  f#  D,  A  E  D7
Knew I couldn't wait
But she was so good looking
I had to tempt fate
Honeysuckle Girl, Nobody like you before

So I walked up beside her
She began to grin
By the time the night was over
I'd made more than a friend
Honeysuckle Girl, Won't you come and show me more

Honeysuckle Girl, you rule my world  A, E, D7
With your eyes so bright, you used to be mine, yes you were
I looked around and around and around this great big world
Looking for you, Honeysuckle Girl

There was something in her shadow
Like a clock about to ring
If you asked her what was wrong she said
"Don't worry 'bout a thing"
Honeysuckle Girl, No time to find out more

So I took her at her word
And I took her out West
She took me to her bedroom
Where I took care of the rest
Honeysuckle Girl, You remind me what this heart is for

She was walking away before the summer's end   f#  A  D
I knew I'd lost something more than a friend
I know her better now than I did back then
Yeah, I knew… Honeysuckle girl

(slow, single strum)
She left me a note
Said her feelings had changed
Felt like winter coming on
To chill those summer days
Honeysuckle Girl, She don't come around here no more

I think she changed her number
Or I stopped trying to call
I wonder what she's doing
Wonder why I care at all
Honeysuckle Girl, You don't come around no more

Honeysuckle Girl  A  E  D7
I still love you so
Honeysuckle Girl
I still need to know
Honeysuckle Girl
Where did you go
Honeysuckle Girl
Honeysuckle Girl  D trail

She always had me coming around, waiting now and then