13 January 2013

Can You See the Light

See the LIght

I don't think you're sleeping alone
And I don't hear you calling
With all our excuses of love
Well, nobody else is falling
Honey, can you see the light

We're stars in the darkness
Gleaming and guiding each other's way
And should I lose the path to you
Would you shine another way?
Honey, can you see the light

If I fall for something
I'll fall for anything
And falling for you
Feels like everything
You hold that sway over me
You hold your sway over me

You were gone before summer left
Since then I've been talking to the ghost of you
I'm not asking for mercy, exactly
But what else can a haunted man do
Honey can you see the light

Capo: 5th fret
Play a, e (which is a d, a)
Chorus: G, C+D (C, F…)
Bridge: F, e, D (A#, a, G)

Verses: 11.12.12
If I fall: 9.17.12
Sway: 10.20.12