Long Gone

Long Gone (02.08.11)

Long Gone

You sit waiting by the phone
You can't stand to be alone
And when the call, it never comes
Don't you wonder why you're not the one

I got a secret I need to share
Ever wonder how why this went nowhere
One minute I'm there, next I'm gone
It don't matter much baby, 'cause my love… is on the run

I could feel it coming, coming down
Couldn't stand the heat so I got out of town
And if I ever, if I ever come this way again
Honey don't you wait up for me 'cause this love is at an end

Don't you want to be
Where you ought to be
Babe, that's not with me
Don't you know, don't you know

Don't you want to feel
Something that is real
Get off of this wheel
That goes round, always goes around

Now the wheel's coming loose
When you arrive at the truth
I could've told you long ago
But you never listen, oh no

The sun's gonna rise again
Remember I told you back then
Some things don't last longer
Than they ought to

Don't you want to be
Exactly where you ought to be
Just say goodbye to me
'Cause I'm gone, long gone

And if there's something more
You feel like we've ignored
Just sweep it off the floor
'Cause I'm gone, long gone

Don't you ever look back
At how far we've gone off the track
Love don't matter when you're don't love back
'Cause I'm gone, long gone

Time to break your heart again
Then set it right again

Just keep moving on and on
'Cause I'm gone, long gone

f# A f# A f# A f# D E f# • b7 D A f# b7 D A f# b7D f#