17 April 2011

Let You Go (03.07.11)

Let You Go

I read the license plates ahead
Trying to decode what the planet said
And I know nobody belongs to anyone
So I guess it's time to let you go 

But if life was full of nothing else
Than pain and sorrow and regret
We wouldn't cling to the surface so
And I guess it means I'll let you go

If something were to happen
If something finally went wrong
I'd want you to have something
So you can have this song

But if something ever happens
If you should change your mind
I'll turn this ship around and then
Stay with you 'til you change your mind

The grey skies will someday shine again
The worst of times will leave us then
But in the lifetime between I know
I'm going to have to let you go

(weird chords... too complicated to type out at the moment)