30000 Feet

30000 Feet

30000 Feet

Took the last flight out of the city
Streetlight jewels in the velvet below
Never wanted to start anything
Never wanted you to go

Never said the long-term words
The ones that change the story
Doesn't look like that time will come
I can't see you anymore

I was already shattered when you broke me down
Hiding from love when you found me out
Up in the clouds it all goes clear
No point in trying when you disappear

This long ride in the deepening dark
Feels like I've been here for so long
You made me feel like it would turn out alright
You made me realize I was wrong

I was already shattered when you swept me away
Went under the waves with love songs on my tongue
Whatever you wanted was never discussed
You flipped the switch and we were done

Bright lights ahead, we make our descent
I can't call when I've landed anymore
You'll never know when I get there
And I'll never know where you go

Oh, what am I to do now?
Sure wish I knew how
But we are done