Change (09.04.13)

Change (09.04.13)

Do you remember
Back when, last November
When you couldn't keep your hands off
Now no place is far enough
How you've changed, honey
How you've changed, never saw it coming...

You used to come and hear me sing
Now my phone, it never rings
It's such a peculiar thing
When free-fall snaps our wings
How you've changed, honey
How you've changed

Take me back to summers past
You and I were running fast
Somehow we knew it couldn't last
But still we kept on going

All I know is what I knew
Every day I'd get the blues
And every night I'd lose them to you
And this is where we were going

Take your hands out your pockets
And lay them on me
Make it better than it was
Bring it back to me

So many distractions, too many temptations
I want to cut back without losing sensation
And all these mistakes we've made, all the traps we have laid,
It's how we make our education
This is something better than that
This is something better than that

It's been on my mind
A long, long time
The lies we tell ourselves
Are stronger than the ones we share
And the truth we always ache to tell
The one that's gonna get us nowhere
It overrides the "might as well"
It's more than we can bear

I know it's late
But what I have to say, it just won't wait
You know by now, I'm not going away
And I know the words, I'm just trying to say
How I've changed, honey
How I've changed

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