Change Is for the Better

I suppose you could say I’m tired of waiting. Or you could say I’ve waited all I can. Or you could say I have a new guitar and wanted to do something with it.

So I did.

Lots of live shows playing electric lately, but very little acoustic. My own choice, because it doesn’t sound right in the band. Others might disagree, but I know what I hear. Anyway, I haven’t recorded anything in a while (see beginning of this paragraph), so I picked up Rusty this evening and this is what jumped out: Change. The lyrics were waiting for me in my Notes, in three different places. I didn’t want to go down to the basement to record this, because plugging everything in and warming up the tube mic takes time, and this wouldn’t wait. I wouldn’t wait. It’s a demo, recorded into Garageband using the MacBook Pro’s built-in microphones, and now that it’s made solid and real I’m free to move on from here. As we all are, I suppose.

Sometimes you have something to say and nobody to hear it. So you write a song.