Just because Congress doesn't understand technology
doesn't mean we have to let them ruin technology.

Horse Feathers

Funny old world, isn’t it?

Amnesty Road has a show coming up in February, and I have to pull out the bass and start learning how to play it again. Seems like I had something in mind about that, but it’s gone now. Bottom line: I’m out of the bass habit. It’s probably going to be nominally easy to pick up again, but I’ve only played bass in the past year when I was working on a song demo. Amnesty Road hasn’t played in just over a year, and that’s weird enough, but picking up that medium-sized canoe and dancing around its surface is going to be peculiar, now that I’ve been playing guitar in Bag of Focus for a while. The bass guitar is a very different animal from its six-stringed relation. Or maybe I’m playing it wrong.

I uploaded a jam that occurred for no reason whatsoever other than I was in a room full of guitars that was inside a room full of guitars that was in a store full of musical equipment. I was asked today about what inspires me, and I forgot to mention that scenario. Also, new guitars have a motivating effect on me. All the more reason to get that Tele I’ve been wanting...

More songs are coming soon, but the basement is cold. And in a general state of disarray. Or at least across the border. But I have an idea for a project… something big, and “epic” (whatever that means these days), and complicated. Stay tuned, gentle listener.