What Can You Expect

Okay, I’ve finished another one: Results. “Finished” in the sense of “I’ve completed ten mixes of this sucker, and I’d like to move on to the next song, please”. It’s one of those complicated mixes that I make more difficult for myself sometimes. Lots of tracks, though. Funny how it doesn’t look like much when seen from way up high.


As long as I’m at it, I might as well upload a few other things… Let’s see, how about a few Jams and a song in progress? As long as I’m at it, yes.

$1200 Taylor is something I promised a few weeks ago, and I’ve finally made it a little more listenable. As you might suss from the title, it was played in the Acoustic room at Guitar Center on a Taylor that was priced in the vicinity of $1200. It was shiny, and sounded better (to me) than a more expensive Martin on the same wall. Might’ve been the newer strings, though. You won’t be able to tell on this recording as it was recorded on my trusty iPhone 4S through its Voice Memos app at a slight distance from the floor. Nice view of my shoes from there.

Epiphone Sheridan is—you guessed it—an improv I did with an Epiphone Sheridan in the Used Gear room at the local Guitar Center. Why so much Guitar Center lately? I dunno. They have a lot of guitars hanging on their walls, and that’s a lot of inspiration in reach. I played through a used Randall stack I was using, so the recording is a little louder than the Taylor thing.

Rothko #4 is a tune I’m trying to work out1 in the basement. At some point, I will return to this, because it sounds to me like it belongs on this album I’ve been piecing together for the past few months. It’s not finished yet, so the lyrics aren’t going to be posted, and so it’s going to reside in the Jams section of this site until I can understand what’s happening with it.

Finally, I have a new guitar. Yes, indeed. It’s a Godin Fifth Avenue Kingpin II, and it looks a lot like the images below (being as one of the images is me with it). It’s lovely, as my Grammie might’ve said, and I am playing it live with a new group. This is the main reason I haven’t posted anything in a little over a month, because we’ve played about nine “shows” since we first played together on January 22. However, I have a long jam with the Godin called Going Around, and I think I’ll revisit the riff at some point. The soloing has a bit of a Frank Zappa feel to it, which surprised me as I was playing it. That Godin is a sweet jazz box, and I’m really having a fine time with it.

So, I’m still here. Still playing. Still writing about you.

For you.

Because of you.

Thanks for dropping by.

(Thanks, Michele)


1 I suppose they’re all songs I’m trying to work out, actually.