Guitars for Industry

Bands take a lot of effort. And time. What this means, unfortunately, is that other things blow away in the wind created by your band's landspeed. Things like: websites, television, and songwriting. As a result, these two songs are some of the few I have completed in the past six weeks. That is kind of strange for me, because I usually write more songs than I post here, but lots of rehearsals and shows with the band have taken time away from basementing. A more unexpected reaction from all the recent live performances is that both of these songs are primarily acoustic, whereas in the band I try my best to only play electric guitar (much to the frustration of the other guitarist in the band).*

So, fresh from the incubator: Justify and Fly, two new tracks to reassure you, the Discerning Listener, that I am still creating stuff.

And I will have more… Soon.**


* He will get over it.

** A word you can trust on this website.

P.S. I’m thinking about redesigning this website. Maybe. If time stands still.