Do Go On...

Here’s my last post on

Somebody else will soon own this domain name, and immediately after I’ll be posting to* Good luck to them, whoever they are.**

When I bought this name in 2006, I had a notion that I would be making a
podcast, and would be such a clever twist on the new media. Well, at least I made a theme song. The rest of the plan hinged a lot on finding someone with whom I could carry a weekly conversation, or make a weekly variety show, or whatever other ideas I had to fill this space. The few people I wanted to co-hatch this strange egg were either unavailable or would rather watch t.v. than make anything anymore, so the domain just had this little logo*** and not much else for five years. And then 2011 happened, and a couple of years between, and here we are at the end.

So, thanks are in order:**** Thank you for dropping by on occasion. Thank you for words of encouragement, and for not hacking my site to
hawk your Canadian Prescription Spam. Thank you for listening to the music, for reading the words, for not worrying too much about either one. And, I hope, thank you for traveling with me to the new venture.

Because, in spite of it all, we
do go on.

But what am I going to do with all these guitar picks?

* Until somebody buys that domain name, I guess.

** Check back in a couple of weeks and find out.

*** I had my reasons.

**** And two people, specifically. You know who you are, even if you don’t like pronouns.