Buzz Be Gone

I’m feeling much better. My amp has returned.

The hornets that lived in it are gone, and now I can play the warm stuff again without wondering when I’m going to get stung. It was returned to me at considerable expense in a grocery store parking lot for cash (no questions asked), and now has a couple of new tubes, four new capacitors, and a lovely new input jack that was causing most of the problems. As soon as I brought it into the basement, I started playing. Then started recording. Here are three bits from the evening’s warm and fuzzy tone.*

Buzz be gone, indeed…


* I was so caught up with the happiness of a warm Fender that I didn’t even notice I’d had the Master switch all the way up with the Volume all the way down until I turned the amp off. Hooray for margins of error.

Rusty Venture

I have restless fingers. They like to twitch and scamper, like idiot bunnies on a giant canoe paddle. What do I mean? Doesn’t matter. I played a guitar for a while tonight. Not really practicing as much as fidgeting. We have a show this Wednesday, and I’m trying to get used to acoustic guitar again. Also, I’m hoping I might get something out of the improvisation. Well, maybe I did. Here are eleven things that came out of this evening’s momentum. Jams, sure, but a couple of them are headed into the hit machine. One of them already has, and one is an old favorite that I still like to sing, even if I never get the words as correct as they should be. I suppose it’s a strange little grouping, seeing how the songs are all over the map (it was only about a forty-minute session, and nothing was premeditated), so don’t ready too much into them. Unless you read tea leaves. Or know better than I do.


((( Telecasting in Stereo )))

As long as I’m here, I might as well post this for the pure of heart, the strong of will, and the epitome of fans…

With the Fender Blues Jr. on the left and the new Marshall MG50FX on the right, I ran the Telecaster through the Blues Overdrive into the Phaser Tremolo and finally out of the Boss Space Echo, resulting in some weirdness that was a lot of fun to play and sounded H U G E. I give it to you because—as you undoubtedly know by now—I have no shame.