Another Year

So it’s begun again: a new year, a new set of songs, and a new batch of crazy fulfillment claims that are so preposterously unrealistic that I don’t know why I actually write them down, but here goes:

I’m going to try to make a song a week. Or maybe a noise a week. Or some productive motion that will leave me with 52 songs by the end of the year.

Insane? You bet. Plausible? Check back next January. Or maybe just in August, when it’ll probably be too late to make up any deficiencies. And I’m perfectly aware that I’ve already missed a week; that just means I’ll have to do a second song before the next week. But I do have this for a start:


The lyrics I wrote at 11:41am on November 14, 2012, and I put it to music this evening. It’s a train song, and by a pleasant happenstance I heard a train whistle a couple of hours before I recorded this. Also, I figured if David Bowie can release a new track today, so can I.

Not too many happy songs this year, I predict. I’m going to put my archive of lyrics and song ideas to use this year, since I have hundreds of notes and bits of paper and voice memos waiting for me to stop abandoning them. Productivity, here I come…

Happy ’13, you guys. Love each other a little more this time.