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Picking Up the Thread (A Night of Jams)

I haven’t forgotten my mad plan. You know, the one where I was going to add something every week? Well… a couple of things happened since the last time I posted. First, I played another night at the open mic in that place owned by the famous guy, and I ended up going back onstage a couple of times after my allotted slot, and by the end of the night I’d agreed to join forces with a fellow songwriter. More on that as it develops, but it has made the recording schedule a bit precarious. Also, I’ve had some other things to take care of that eclipsed the muse. It happens.

But not tonight.

I am posting seven jams this evening (and one brief outtake) that were recorded about ninety minutes ago. They are completely improvised, just whatever comes from wherever it comes from, and simply recorded into my little Zoom H2 using my beloved Seagull S6, aka The Bird. I’ve put them all up on the Jams page, so give it a go and see what I’ve been up to this evening. If you’re maintaining a scorecard, I’m now up by a couple of weeks (but I’m not interested in that notion, either).

After rehearsal last night and this evening, my fingers are mostly shredded, and I’m pretty happy about that. It reminds me that I do, indeed, play guitar. Sometimes with great vigor.


The Bird


The View from Where Nobody Ever Looks
(unless the neck is screwed up)


Willful Destruction of Fingers