It happened again.

Playing around with the amp, I found some kind of chord set that went along with a verse that was rattling about in my noggin: Secrets and shadows… I don’t know where it came from (I rarely do) and I had no idea where it was going (see previous parenthetical). But I tinkered with it some more, and a set of lyrics showed up in a sparkling spray of paranoia. It wasn’t until last night that I actually put the Garage to GarageBand, or something like that. The Paul was plugged in, a lot of tracks were recorded (about thirty attempts for the solo), and I didn’t mind the results. What a deal, yes?

Nights like that make me want to either get a drum set or to buy more drum loops. Drummers get about two-thirds of the fun in a band, I think, and only a little more respect than the bass player. The bass player, if he’s not Geddy Lee or Les Claypool, is pretty much the guy the drummer has a conversation with during guitar solos. Not that I’m complaining, because the drummer usually knows the best jokes, even if they’re about him.

So this Run song is about… three minutes and twenty seconds long. The guitar solo at the end goes on for about a half minute long, but the rest of the instruments ended before then. I added another four seconds of bass to the very end just to prolong the solo a little more. I like it. I don’t know why. Might be because I never play these kind of songs, or at least not without leaving it as a instrumental. So, sing along, kids! But turn it up first.