A Long Day in the Sun (but now it's done)

I confess: I’m not living up to my own expectations.

A song a week, I think that’s what I said when I launched this site. I must’ve forgotten how I run my life, usually through stupid hoops of crêpe paper fire and with little thought to calendars (who really needs ‘em?) or plans (see previous parenthetical). Well, maybe that’s completely inaccurate, but I’m riffing here. Facts is facts, and I’m not skirting around them. I’m currently about 15 songs behind on my goal. That includes the latest, A Long Day in the Sun. It was an extended evening, and I wrote everything tonight, except the words for the chorus and the line “Maybe I’m only a dream / Who can’t wake up from you” (both arrived in my head earlier this month). What’s the song about? Probably not about you, so just marvel at the 12/8 drum loops I used from Beta Monkey. Good folks over there, if you’re looking for some actual drum sounds to keep from using a machine. Was that a feint? You bet. Look, if you really wanted the story behind the song, you’d either ask for a book instead of a song or you’d book me on Mtv’s Unplugged. Besides, they’re not all about you. Most of them. Not this one. Anyway, this isn’t the only song I’ve written in the past six weeks, but it is the only thing you get to hear at the moment. Sorry, but I do have some standards (present site not withstanding). More stuff is coming, but I want to make it sound right. Also, I want to re-record some parts. And work on another novel. Patience might be rewarded, or it might be just a pain.

Did I mention I suspect I’m not using RapidWeaver correctly to make this blog? Never mind.