Same Old New Year

Same Old New Year

So it’s come to this.

When I started this eleven-ish months ago, I had all the good intentions of Glinda the Good Witch. You know, get Dorothy home, give the Lion some stones, maybe get Scarecrow to purge all over that new grass in the backyard. Oh, and make a lot of music. And here it is, Dick Clark’s’ New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, and what’s the score?

1 Christmas e.p.
1 live set
8 jams
10 lyrics
11 songs

Well, let’s make that 12 songs. I wrote something today that is a typical Pat song, albeit aimed at the new year: Same Old New Year. It’s a two-hour tune… as in, it was written, recorded, and mixed in about 120 minutes. Mainly because Mary Poppins won’t get out of my dreams long enough for me to spend a few weeks on each of my songs. Sorry, what were we talking about?

Um… that’s right. The purpose of this bloggy thing, which was to write a ton of music and post it here. Well, I did join another band, and that had me making lots of good noise with some fine musicians. That and what’s on the blog so far isn’t a bad set of notches on my guitar strap*. And 2012, end of the world notwithstanding, should be even more productive.

Because, you know. The kids dig it.

Somebody remind me of anamnesis next time, wouldja?

*Excuses, excuses. I think I need to shorten the Red Special’s strap, come to think of it.