Rusty Venture

I have restless fingers. They like to twitch and scamper, like idiot bunnies on a giant canoe paddle. What do I mean? Doesn’t matter. I played a guitar for a while tonight. Not really practicing as much as fidgeting. We have a show this Wednesday, and I’m trying to get used to acoustic guitar again. Also, I’m hoping I might get something out of the improvisation. Well, maybe I did. Here are eleven things that came out of this evening’s momentum. Jams, sure, but a couple of them are headed into the hit machine. One of them already has, and one is an old favorite that I still like to sing, even if I never get the words as correct as they should be. I suppose it’s a strange little grouping, seeing how the songs are all over the map (it was only about a forty-minute session, and nothing was premeditated), so don’t ready too much into them. Unless you read tea leaves. Or know better than I do.